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A hook bolt is a hooklike steel fastener which is threaded on the straight side and not on the bent portion. The threaded side comes with a nut. Just like a hook screw, a hook bolt is used for hanging items on walls or ceilings. However, a hook bolt can carry heavier loads than a hook screw. Also a hook bolt is better for concrete, blocks, or bricks. It has plenty of applications ranging from hanging frames, house plants, art, and a whole lot more.

Installing a hook bolt requires a pre-drilled hole. Sometimes, a hook bolt requires wooden studs behind a drywall to make it more stable. Washers are added to the mix to make it stable despite vibration or the heavy weight of the item hanged. Other times, an anchor is required to keep the hook locked in place.

The thicker a hook bolt is, the heavier load it can take. To ensure the bolt doesn’t break or the object doesn’t fall, it’s a good idea to distribute the load among many hook bolts. The heavier an item is, the more bolts needed. Springs can also help add strength and security to the bolts.