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Available Ø Sizes

1-1/2 x 1-1/2P

The standard scaffolding parts include long pipes or tubes that connect the mass of the scaffold to the ground. Scaffold clamps, also known as cheese boroughs or pipe couplers, are commonly used in tube and clamp scaffolding applications and other applications where scaffold systems need to be anchored to fixed structures with scaffold beam clamps.

A straight clamp is used to hold boards or any object together, particularly for woodworking. Others call it the contractor clamp or the clamp edge. This is used in woodworking when you don’t have a track saw and want a straight cut. It’s perfect for guiding you as you cut along while holding the items together. It also lets you measure the desired cut, which means you don’t have to use different tools for measurement, guide, and clamping. All that’s left is a saw and you can easily cut wood.