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Available Ø Sizes

Screw Size

#14: 3/16


#16: 1/4


#20: 5/16


Nuts are another type of fastener with a threaded hole. Usually, a nut is the counterpart of bolt. Bolts can hold things together tightly thanks to the nuts. Nuts and bolts are used together to clamp two or more parts having unthreaded holes together. The two are kept together by a combination of several factors including the friction of their threads, stretching of the bolt, and compression of the parts that are to be held together. Toggle bolts and nuts are a kind of wall fastener for use on hollow walls, having a part that springs open or turns through 90° after it is inserted so as to prevent withdrawal. They are used for hanging objects on hollow walls such as drywall. It has wings that open inside a hollow wall, bracing against it to hold the fastener securely. Both toggle nut and toggle bolt fasteners are easy to apply. Aside from that, using them have a lot of benefits including shock and vibration resistance and high shear and tensile strength.