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The standard scaffolding parts include long pipes or tubes that connect the mass of the scaffold to the ground. “Scaffold clamps, also known as cheese boroughs or pipe couplers, are commonly used in tube and clamp scaffolding applications and other applications where scaffold systems need to be anchored to fixed structures with scaffold beam clamps.” Beam clamps are essential components of scaffolding setup. They are designed to support steel-to-steel connections between structural beams. This saves you from being hassled by drilling, welding, or other attachment techniques. Beam clamps makes it easier and portable to attach hoist to a runway or lifting beam. Most of the beam clamps are designed for in-line lifting only, but there are also some that are designed for angle loads as well. When selecting the right clamp for your subject, do not forget to consider the safe working load (SWL) requirement, for example, the load to be lifted plus the weight of the hosting unit.

What separates a beam clamp from the others is it’s designed for connecting steel between structural beams so that there’s no need to weld or drill the steels together. It can also be used to secure fixtures, electrical boxes, and others on the ceiling or walls.