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Choosing the right fixing for a surface depends primarily on the strength on the surface. Because hollow surfaces are weaker than others, it requires fixings specially designed for relatively thin and soft materials. Some of these are rubber-sleeved fixing, plastic collapsible fixing, plastic spread fixing, spring metal toggle fixing, and gravity toggle.

A gravity toggle is likened to the spring metal. The only difference between the two is the number of metal arms inserted through the hole. Gravity toggle has one while the latter has two. 

A gravity toggle is only used in vertical wallboards and should not be reused. Otherwise, the toggle will fall off. 

Fixings are a general term for items designed to attach objects to certain surfaces such as floors, walls, roofs, doors, and the likes, holding them steadily, usually permanently. They are a form of connector and play a particularly important role in construction.

Fixing is usually the key component in attaching larger or immovable objects. Examples include fixing a cupboard to a wall, a handle to a door, or a timber joist to a wall plate. Just like anchors, fixings also need to resist pull forces and shear forces.


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6 x 75





6 x 100