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Available Sizes

1/4 x 75

5/16 x 80

3/8 x 108

1/2 x 140

Hook screws probably are one of the most used screws in the household. It is great for hanging up tools and other items in your room, workshop, or garage. A hook screw is a small hook with a threaded shank for screwing into woodwork or paneling. They are ideal for hanging pictures and mirrors but have limitless possible applications, you can use them as cup hooks or to hang up light ladders in the garage. Installing a hook screw is easy. To power drive hook screws, drill a pilot hole that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the hook screw shank. Feed the screw into the hole on your hook and line it up to the wall. Lastly, screw or hammer the hook into the wall. Another way to install your hook screw is through getting wall anchors for your screws. Drill a hole the same size as your wall anchor and insert your anchor in the hole you made. Place the screw into the hook and make sure that it is aligned with the anchor on your wall. Secure the screw in the center of your anchor.