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Unlike u-bolts, J-bolts are j-shaped fasteners. It’s threaded on the “straight” side while the bent end is used as a hook around the rebar for support. J-bolts are commonly used in securing walls to concrete foundations. The bent end may be cast in concrete for use as an anchor bolt.

A U-bolt, on the other hand, is a bolt bent into the shape of the letter “u”. It’s a curved bolt that has threads on each end which makes it fit perfectly around pipes or tubes. A major use of U-bolts is for hanging pipes. Because gravity can be hard on piping, the wrong setup can lead to disaster. By fixing a U-bolt to an overhead structure, beam, or ceiling, the risk of it happening can significantly reduce.

Bolts are one of the most common basic hardware parts you can see in any industry–automotive, construction, agriculture, etc. Bolts definition is they are mechanical fasteners that connect different parts. Its parts include the head and a threaded cylindrical body. Bolts are usually used with washers and nuts to lock them in position and prevent loosening or crushing. One reason bolts are popular across all industries is that it makes assembly, disassembly, and reassembly easier compared to permanent fastening such as welding.