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A nylon plug is a fixing used when driving a screw into a wall. It helps the screw fit into the hole drilled snugly. Using a nylon plug over a plastic one offers better heat resistance. A nylon plug does not go soft even when friction is applied.

Fixings are a general term for items designed to attach objects to certain surfaces such as floors, walls, roofs, doors, and the likes, holding them steadily, usually permanently. They are a form of connector and play a particularly important role in construction.

Fixing is usually the key component in attaching larger or immovable objects. Examples include fixing a cupboard to a wall, a handle to a door, or a timber joist to a wall plate. Just like anchors, fixings also need to resist pull forces and shear forces.

There are a number of choices for fixings depending on your needs and choosing the right fixing for the particular job is important. Lots of different types of fixings are available including screw, nails, bolts, wall plugs, mesh, hooks, eyes, hammer fixings, frame fixings, pipe fittings and a lot more.