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A hose clamp, also known as the hose lock or the hose clip, is used to attach a hose onto a fitting. There are different types of hose clamp: screw clamp, spring clamp, wire clamp, and ear clamp. A screw clamp has a band and a captive screw. Using the screw clamp requires putting it around the hose to where it will be connected. It will then be tightened like a belt.

A spring clamp is made from spring steel. It has three tabs: one is on the center while the other two are on both ends, all bent outwards, giving that intermeshing look. Using the spring clamp needs you to press the tabs toward each other to expand the diameter. Once the hose is in, release the tabs to compress the hold and lock the hose in place.

A wire clamp uses heavy wire that’s bent into a U-shape. These clamps are then formed into a ring shape, ends overlapping each other. A captive screw and nut are used to attach the ends.

An ear clamp also uses a band. However, instead of a screw to tighten it, it uses “ears.” when these ears are closed at the base using a pincer tool, the ears deform which tighten the band in place.

A stainless hose clamp has an added chromium for strength and resistance to rust. If exposing materials to saltwater, stainless steel is the way to go. Galvanized steels reacts negatively to saltwater.