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There are a variety of applications possible for construction anchors. Typically, they are used to secure objects to materials that are normally resistant to screw or nails, for example, concrete. There are a lot of different types of anchors to choose from depending on your needs.

Structural members which need anchors to be attached to masonry involves ledger beam, girders, floor and roof diaphragms, and other materials that might need to transfer their load to the masonry. Not only do anchors transfer gravity loads to masonry but they also can transfer lateral loads as well.

Anchor bolts are a type of steel anchors that are used to connect structural and non-structural elements to the concrete. The attachment is made through assembling of different components such as anchor bolts, steel plates, and stiffeners. Shear and tension forces are types of load that are transferred by anchor bolts.

Expansion bolts are also a type of an anchor that are controlled by torque to fasten. It can be used to secure heavy objects to walls or floors. It screws into an insert that expands. By tightening the bolt, the nut on the opposite end pulls into the shell, expanding it outward and wedging it inside the hole in the concrete.