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Scaffolding is any structure, framework, swinging stage, or suspended scaffolding which is temporarily built intended to be used for the support or protection of workers engaged in construction work, for the purpose of carrying out that work or for support of materials used in connection to that work. It is usually made of materials including wooden planks, metal poles and others.

The standard scaffolding parts include long pipes or tubes that connect the mass of the scaffold to the ground. Scaffold clamps, also known as cheese boroughs or pipe couplers, are commonly used in tube and clamp scaffolding applications and other applications where scaffold systems need to be anchored to fixed structures with scaffold beam clamps.

Another essential material in scaffolding are the connectors. These are star-shaped elements having a central bore through which a vertical pole may be inserted. Generally, their main role is to secure the scaffolding joints against unintentional lift or separation. Also, pipe hanger or pipe support is an element that transfer the load from a pipe to the supporting structures. The four main functions of a pipe hanger are to anchor, guide, absorb shock and support a specified load.